A Glimpse on Colon Cleansing’s Past

There are people who believe that colon cleansing or colonic irrigation improves health by flushing out toxins from the body. It also helps promote beneficial intestinal bacteria. It enhances the immune system and energy level. Although it offers such wonderful benefits, there’s not enough scientific evidence to strongly support the claims. The said benefits were based on the experiences of people who tried the cleansing method. Here are some colon cleanse product reviews in case you’re willing to explore the topic even further. In fact, head over to the naturains.com – homepage; they have a wealth of information on everything detox. Now, let’s continue.

A Journey to the Past

The practice of cleansing is not something new. Ancient Egyptians were among the groups of people who dared seek the solution in curing human injuries and illnesses. It is possible that modern medicine began to form shape near the Nile River.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the food which entered the body would eventually rot (as it does when the served food was left on the dinner table for a day). Like most spoiled or rotten things, the ingested food will turn into a poison. It will spread into the body when it leaked from the bowels, and cause all sorts of health issues such as infection and fever.

To prevent the ingested food from turning into poison, they tried to find ways to immediately eliminate or force it out of the body before the food totally rots in the large intestine They believed that when the food material was deposited in the large intestine, it already turned toxic. It is vital to flush it out of the body before it’s too late. In their search, they found the answer through colon cleansing.


In ancient times, the cleansing should be administered in the river. A hollow reed was used in order to induce water into the colon. Later, ancient Greeks practiced the same method and treatment. For example. one of the ingredients used could’ve been bentonite clay (www.buybentoniteclaymask.com). 

The Popularity of the Method

The cleansing method experienced varied popularity up to the 19th century. The method became popular in the U.S. between 1920 and 1930. Its popularity began to wane when people began applying the scientific approach to obtaining optimum health. People learned the important role of sanitation to health and the reasons for the occurrence of infectious disease.

Between 1880 and 1919, the practice of cleansing was highly recommended and regarded it as an important routine for health maintenance But in 1930, most people stopped the practice.

Today, colonic irrigation is gaining popularity once more. There are several claims that the method can also give clearer skin, enhanced focus, and other benefits aside from the ones that the ancient people experienced. There are groups that claim that cleansing is not needed and it is utterly useless. More research must be done in order to determine the full extent of the method or clear the doubt surrounding it.

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